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The Various Fibonacci Software Products in Comparison

No one can belittle the achievements and contributions made by Leonardo Fibonacci in the field of mathematics.  Neither can anybody discount the importance of his Fibonacci numbers and its various use and application.  The Fibonacci numbers used to be just a way of predicting an idealized population of rabbits.  Later, however, it found a lot of uses and was noted to appear in many patterns of nature and natural growth.  It has also found a lot of applications in the field of music and the arts.  Early in the 20th century, another application of the Fibonacci numbers was discovered and this time, it was in the field of trading.  Today, a lot of various Fibonacci software products are being developed to aid traders in their technical analyses.

There are a lot of Fibonacci software products being sold in the market today.  Among these Fibonacci software products are the Browser, Fibonacci Solutions, T-3 Fibs Protrader, and the Fibonacci Trader.  While all of these Fibonacci software products are based on the same basic trading principle, Fibonacci trading, their technical analysis approaches and tools are expected to vary.  Each of these Fibonacci software products, however, claims advantages and benefits compared to other Fibonacci software products.  But before taking the plunge and getting that Fibonacci software that you want, let us first introduce you to some of the Fibonacci software products that we know.

* Browser.  Probably the simplest and the easiest to use Fibonacci software for technical analysis is the Browser.  This Fibonacci software plots different Fibonacci spirals on an existing real time trading chart to guide you in the technical analysis of market trends.  The tool is easy to use and easy to understand that even a young trader with an average knowledge in Fibonacci trading won’t find difficulty in using it.  The Browser, however, is not a complete software, as it needs a real time trading software to provide the real time chart where it can plot the spirals.  Another disadvantage of this Fibonacci software is that it provides only one Fibonacci technical analysis tool, the Fibonacci spiral.

Fibonacci Software

*Fibonacci Solutions. Unlike the Browser, the Fibonacci Solutions is a complete technical analysis software.  This Fibonacci software provides a greater number of Fibonacci tools, making technical analyses a lot more flexible.  The Fibonacci Solutions offers seven Fibonacci shapes for technical analysis: Fibonacci corrections, Fibonacci extensions, Fibonacci time projections, Fibonacci ellipses, Fibonacci channels, Fibonacci fan lines, and Fibonacci spirals.  This Fibonacci software also offers a wide array of indicators and tools that can help you in every step of your analysis.  It also allows you to evaluate your Fibonacci projections in multiple time frames, an evaluation considered by many traders as more effective than just concentrating on a single time frame.  Lastly, the Fibonacci Solutions software also allows you to synchronize your technical analysis data with major Internet resources.

*T-3 Fibs Protrader.  The T-3 Fibs Protrader does just about the same thing that the Fibonacci Solutions does, except that everything is fully automated.  This means that all the plotting and guessing required in other Fibonacci software products would all be eliminated and all you have to do is watch and decide.  Further, this Fibonacci software guides you in your decisions, as it provides a simple trading plan as you start using the software.  A few hours of learning and setting up, however, are still needed for you to be able to make use of the software properly.  Being fully automated also has a down side on this Fibonacci software, as it does not give you the same level of freedom in your technical analysis as other Fibonacci software products would give you.

*Fibonacci Trader.  The Fibonacci Trader is probably the most comprehensive Fibonacci software that is offered in the market today, unless we have missed a more comprehensive Fibonacci software in the market.  The Fibonacci trader looks and functions basically the same as the previous two software products we have reviewed, except that it comes with the most comprehensive tools and indicators that could help you in your technical analysis.  Developed by Robert Krausz, a certified master in Fibonacci trading and analysis, and made for the professional Fibonacci trader, this Fibonacci software offers us more than 150 Fibonacci tools and indicators that can be used in technical analysis.

There are a lot of other Fibonacci software products that traders can use today.  However, the above-mentioned Fibonacci software products are what we have found to be among the best.  Should you be interested in any of these software products and need more information about them, you can always visit their individual websites.

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